January 28, 2021

With the effects of multiple crises likely to linger at all levels for years to come, these key factors will influence the direction of schools in the coming year

Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

These 8 trends will impact schools in 2021…

In the wake of an unprecedented and unpredictable 2020, the novel coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the K-12 landscape, shifting — and in some cases outright derailing — the trends guiding what 21st century education looks like.

The nation’s public education system was forced to shift almost entirely to a virtual model overnight, catalyzing debates over the future of assessment, teacher burnout, recruitment and retention, online learning and more. At the same time, a dual crisis emerged as the nation confronted the role of systemic racism across society in the wake of the police-involved deaths of Black Americans.

With the effects of these crises likely to linger at all levels of school districts for years to come, these eight trends will be critical to watch in the coming year.

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