March 14, 2021

Use CCSESA crosswalk to understand Reopening Bill

Gov. Newsom signed Assembly Bill 86, the bill containing the school reopening package. The bill allows for the expenditure of funds prior to resuming on-campus instruction so schools can more effectively prepare for the return of students; educator vaccination provisions have been expanded from teachers only to include all school staff working with students,; language on the set aside for paraprofessionals has been clarified to reinforce that paraprofessionals would be offering supplemental instruction and support instead of “providing individualized instruction;” and it is now explicit that new requirements will not impact existing agreements in local educational agencies that have already resumed in-person instruction or have plans to do so shortly.

The California County Superintendents Educational Services Association has created an easy to understand “crosswalk” that summarizes the in-person and expanded learning grants associated with the bill.

Click here for the crosswalk…