November 18, 2020

Updates on AB 1505, charter school petitions and renewals

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced in August that an agreement had been reached with legislative leadership on Assembly Bill 1505 (O’Donnell, D-Long Beach), a bill that would make substantial changes to processes governing charter school petitions and renewals. The amended version of AB 1505 is now in print.

CSBA adopted a position of “Support and Seek Amendments” on AB 1505 in September, meaning that CSBA now supports the bill and is working with the author, the administration and key stakeholders on final details before the end of the legislative year. The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA), who previously opposed AB 1505, has taken a neutral position and continues to stay vigilant in order to protect parents, children, and schools’ rights.

For parents, the biggest concern is whether or not the charter schools their child attends will be shut down. The short answer is that if your child’s school is performing according to standards of the CCSA, there shouldn’t be any reason to think your child’s charter school will lose its petition. The longer answer is that many reforms have been made to the charter school system that will hopefully result in greater transparency, efficiency and success for charter schools in California and the children that attend them.

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