February 15, 2021

‘The fight has been turned inward,’ laments San Francisco school superintendent

Tanya Nevidoma on Unsplash

Insisting that his district does have a plan to reopen some of its schools, San Francisco Unified Superintendent Vincent Matthews says that the lawsuit filed by the city against the district to force it bring students back to school will only serve to divert energy that should be going to make that happen.

A far better strategy, he said, would have been if city attorney Dennis Herrera, who filed the suit, had walked the two blocks from City Hall to district headquarters, or even picked up the phone, and expressed his concerns.

In fact, he said, he has never met Herrera. “My office is literally a hundred yards from his office. I come to work every day. He could have walked a hundred yards. We could have masked up, and sat six feet apart. And he could have said, ‘these are the issues that we have with your plan.’ He did none of those things.”

Matthews said he was not given a heads up on the lawsuit until he read about it in the San Francisco Chronicle, just hours before the suit was filed in nearby Superior Court.

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