January 16, 2021

State Proposes New CRF Deadline

Along with the proposed Budget that Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled recently, his Administration also released proposed language to amend the statutory deadlines for use of the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) that helped to pay for the state’s Learning Loss Mitigation Fund included in the 2020–21 Enacted Budget. The proposal amends state statute to incorporate the new deadline for the use of CRF money that was included in the latest federal COVID-19 relief package.

If adopted, local educational agencies (LEAs) would have until May 31, 2021, to use unspent CRF dollars. Districts that need the additional time beyond the original December 30, 2020, deadline would need to certify by March 1, 2021, that remaining CRF amounts will be used in compliance with federal law by May 31. The state would have the opportunity to sweep any unspent funds from LEAs after May 31 and reallocate them for other allowable uses in the State Budget.

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