July 8, 2021

School infrastructure federal update from CSF

Senate and White House discussions are currently focusing on a Senate bipartisan agreement providing $579 million for roads, bridges, highways, public transportation, rail, ports, airports, and broadband. It does not include American Jobs Plan school, day care, and community college infrastructure. The tentative plan does have funding for electrification of school buses, removal of lead pipes in schools, and for broadband.

Discussions are set to move on two tracks, with the Senate to take up the tentative Senate bipartisan infrastructure bill first, and with the many remaining American Jobs Plan provisions, possibly including school infrastructure, to be added into a Reconciliation Bill. House Speaker Pelosi said the House will not vote on the infrastructure bill until the Senate passes a Reconciliation Bill, which still must be drafted.

The President made a statement that he will not sign an infrastructure bill until a Reconciliation Bill with American Job Plan components is also passed. It likely will take July and part of August for the Senate to write and pass a Reconciliation Bill. If that happens, the House is likely to take up Reconciliation in September. All of this is still unfolding with many moving pieces.

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