November 18, 2021

School Facility Program Priority Funding Round 22 Begins

The next priority funding filing period for the School Facility Program (SFP) will begin Wednesday, November 10, 2021, and the 30-day window closes on December 9, 2021. Any requests for funding received during this period will be valid from January 1, 2022, through June 30, 2022, and eligible for the next bond sale.

Until such time that there is cash available, per SFP regulations, when school districts submit requests for funding, they are placed on the Unfunded List (Lack of AB 55 Loans). As bonds are sold and cash becomes available, school districts submit requests for priority funding and, if approved, the projects are moved off of the Unfunded List (Lack of AB 55 Loans) and provided apportionments. School districts receiving apportionments are then required to submit a valid fund release authorization within 90 days.

Requests are accepted by the OPSC via email. The request can either be an attachment to, or in the body of, the email and should be sent to The request must be sent by an authorized district representative or the superintendent.

Information regarding the priority funding period, submittal requirements, and the non-participation regulations can be found on the OPSC’s website.