September 12, 2020

Robotic Process Automation: Misconceptions hold back CFOs from wider RPA adoption

Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to save CFOs administrative costs and free up their finance staff’s time to handle higher-value tasks, but the adoption rate of the technology has been slow.

Gartner is the leading research and advisory company providing leaders with business insights, advice and tools. Gartner found 19% of controllers and 17% of company tax chiefs are using RPA in some form, and far more plan to use it in the future, according to a recent survey. The survey found 75% of controllers and 76% of tax chiefs want to use RPA at some point. Dennis Gannon, vice president of advisory at Gartner, said he believes more CFOs would adopt the technology sooner if they had a clearer picture of what that adoption entails.

There appears to be two misconceptions in talking with CFOs, Gannon said.

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