March 14, 2021

Reconciliation American Rescue Plan passes setting up more aid for CA schools, infrastructure next

Passed by both the Senate and the House, the Budget Reconciliation American Rescue Plan was signed by the President and now becomes law. The Reconciliation Bill carries additional federal COVID-19 aid to support reopening schools and classrooms safely for students, staff and families. Here is a recap of the bill from Californians for School Facilities (CSF):

Education Funding

The bill appropriates $170.1 billion for ED Department education programs with $169.8 billion for education emergency relief.

K-12 Education $128.6 Billion

The bill provides funding under same terms as the CARES Act and the December COVID-19 Aid Bill, Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief Fund, with approximately 90% of the funding going to local educational agencies (LEAs). California LEAs could receive at least a conservatively estimated $10 billion in additional aid in Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief funding.

Funding for Education

  • $125.8 billion for K-12 state education agencies
  • $40 billion for institutions of higher education
  • $2.75 billion to governors for private schools with high poverty enrollment (Senate add)

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