August 10, 2021

New school design promotes project-based learning

The Moses Lake School District decided to create a second high school for the community. They elected to build a school where industry, business, and education meet to promote practical knowledge, enhanced technology, and student empowerment. Anticipated to become a new model of next-generation learning in Washington, the new high school will produce lifelong learners with a deep appreciation of the rich industries found within their local community.

The new 900-student school will provide project-based-learning curriculum that allows students a multi-grade experience in collaboration with regional industry leaders to empower and prepare students for career opportunities beyond high school graduation.

Architectural planning has been just as rigorous as educational planning on this project. The design is tailored to effectively support project-based learning, which is a hands-on, multiple discipline approach to education and mirrors the problems and tasks found in today’s workplace. The nature of the learning at Real World Academy will be collaborative, dynamic, and personal. For that reason, classroom space has been re-envisioned. For example, traditional corridors and classrooms have been swapped out for learning groups and seminar rooms with acoustical glass doors that open into a flexible, collaborative space for students and teachers to work together and independently.

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