May 2, 2018

Most Californians are worried about school shooting threats and oppose arming teachers, survey finds

Most Californians are worried that a school shooting like the one that occurred in Parkland, Fla., in February could shed blood closer to home, a new survey found. Some 73{310f4324ad65b0a2030a48dd153b38f905c81f5512720fdadc65be8f0797b958} percent of adults and 82{310f4324ad65b0a2030a48dd153b38f905c81f5512720fdadc65be8f0797b958} of public school parents said they were very concerned or somewhat concerned about school shootings.

Two-thirds of adults and public school parents said they opposed letting more educators carry weapons in school. The response differed across party lines, with 86{310f4324ad65b0a2030a48dd153b38f905c81f5512720fdadc65be8f0797b958} of Democrats and 69{310f4324ad65b0a2030a48dd153b38f905c81f5512720fdadc65be8f0797b958} of independents voicing their opposition, while 60{310f4324ad65b0a2030a48dd153b38f905c81f5512720fdadc65be8f0797b958} percent of Republicans said they would support a measure to arm educators.

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