January 16, 2021

Judge says Del Mar school redo issues need to be addressed; ruling comes in suit over environmental impact report

The Del Mar Union School District must address three outstanding environmental issues before continuing on with its Del Mar Heights School rebuild, according to a recent ruling in the lawsuit against the district by Save the Field.

Save the Field’s lawsuit centers on the belief that the district’s California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process was flawed, resulting in an incomplete and inaccurate environmental review. Judge Wohlfeil found that the “abbreviated environmental process employed by district did not, in part, comply with CEQA.” The judge concluded while there were three areas that the district should study further, 10 out of the 13 complaints against the district were without merit.

The three areas in need of further study include the temporary noise from the on-site construction of the new school, whether additional traffic might occur from the construction of the pedestrian access point at the Mira Montana Drive cul-de-sac, and whether the sensitive chaparral habitat will be disturbed in the repairs to the two stormwater drainage systems in the neighboring Torrey Pines Reserve Extension.

Both sides view the ruling as a victory.

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