December 15, 2020

Harness the workforce to create normalcy for students

For Missouri’s third-largest school district, fall re-opening plans centered on getting things back to “normal” for its 21,000 students, arming teachers for success across multiple learning scenarios, and putting processes in place to mitigate risk for students, staff, and families—and to put them at ease.

“To ensure a smooth semester amid threats that spiking cases of COVID-19 could push our schools back into a fully virtual scenario, NKC Schools has taken a thoughtful approach to maximizing and supporting our total workforce, including non-teaching staff,” says Tanya Hirsch, the district’s payroll coordinator. “Ensuring all staff members’ needs are met and their livelihoods are protected are among our chief concerns—and technology aids this effort.”

Despite district-wide understaffing, classes and student programs are thriving. This is in large credit to the district’s all-hands effort to make the school year as normal and enriching as possible for students.

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