July 8, 2021

Governor’s recall election set for September 14

Secretary of State Shirley Weber certified the recall petition on July 1st and sent notification to the Lieutenant Governor. Shortly after receiving the notification from the Secretary of State’s Office, the Lieutenant Governor issued a proclamation declaring that the special gubernatorial recall election will take place on September 14th.

To expedite the recall process, the Democratic-controlled Legislature approved, and Governor Newsom signed, Senate Bill 152 into law. This measure effectively allows lawmakers to waive the 30-day legislative comment and review period, as long as the Legislature sets aside money for counties to pay for the costs of the election.

With his approval rating holding steady at 54% and support for the recall stuck at 40%, Democratic leaders and Newsom supporters have advocated for an election as soon as legally possible. Having the election on September 14 also allows Governor Newsom to consider legislation sent to him on September 10 (the last day of the legislative session), which he has until October 10 to take action on, without the recall campaign hanging over his head. Holding the election in September also means that voters will not decide the fate of Governor Newsom’s job during the October-November fire season, which in recent years has led to significant property damage, poor air quality, and power safety shutoffs.

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