August 14, 2020

Four best practices for more equitable internet access

Whether a district is open to in-person learning at the start of the school year or not, educators are preparing for the strong possibility that this year will include at least some period of distance learning for all. That means a need to continue taking action to ensure every household has access to the internet. Leaders must find which families and educators still need reliable tech access points and then help those households to connect in the new school year.

“The biggest barrier districts face when preparing for the fall is making sure that all students have access to online learning with a dedicated device at home,” says Strategic Problem Solver and Team Leader Jack Lynch of EducationSuperHighway, a nonprofit that connects American public schools to high-speed internet. “It is crucial that schools work toward regaining the millions of hours of learning that were lost in the past few months and to deliver online learning to all students.”

Here are four practices for finding out who is without home internet access and fulfilling that need.

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