February 15, 2021

Expanded learning is the right investment for right now – let’s make sure we do it wisely

Commentary by Jennifer Peck, Partnership for Children & Youth

We are excited to see that Newsom’s recent budget announcement included $4.6 billion for expanded learning time, including afterschool and summer learning. We are also encouraged to hear that rethinking the traditional school calendar is being discussed.

But with such a huge infusion of cash slated to go out the door by March, there is a danger of not using this money as wisely. Whether we end up with the full $4.6 billion Gov. Newsom is proposing, or something different, it will be much more than we spend now. However, with needs as massive as they are across ages and student groups, it will be important to target resources to students who have most struggled. Proposals should prioritize highly vulnerable students such as homeless youth and high school students at risk of not graduating.

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