September 12, 2020

County Office Facility Planner Update – September 2020

See the new very informative and helpful CASH publication: Cleaning, Disinfecting, Healthy Air Quality, Scheduling and Social Distancing: A Resource for School Facility and Maintenance Departments

Topics covered in this month’s update include:

  • Legislative Update: SB 820, AB 841- These bills include AB 1384 (O’Donnell) – COVID-19 Limited Liability Protection, which CASH strongly supported. While this vehicle for limiting liability was not heard and did not meet deadlines to continue moving through the legislative process, the issue could still come back in a future special session or next year.
  • Williams Inspections
  • Learning Loss Mitigation Funds
  • School Facility Program Audits
  • Surplus Property
  • Routine Restricted Maintenance Account (RRMA)
  • School Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program
  • Virtual Fall Forum
  • CASH Maintenance Network Healthy Schools Guidebook
  • Thank You to Our Virtual Event Sponsors!
  • Upcoming CASH Webinars and Web-Shops

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