October 19, 2021

Classified school employees should have the same job protections as teachers and administrators

Imagine having a job where your co-workers have greater job security than you — not because of merit or seniority, but simply because of their job titles. That’s the reality for California’s classified school employees, who feed and transport our students, ensure our schools are clean and safe and keep our students learning through technical and educational support.

Assembly Bill 438, signed by the Governor October 8, ensures classified staff receives the same layoff notice protections as teachers and highly paid administrators. It does not prevent districts from laying off classified employees, but rather requires they provide the same notice they already provide to administrators and teachers.

The need for codifying these equitable protections in statute was made even more clear last year when the Legislature passed a budget trailer bill protecting classified cafeteria workers, custodians and bus drivers from layoffs and included intent language stating that other classified employees shouldn’t be laid off.

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