March 13, 2021

CASH Annual Conference on School Facilities features important workshops for districts with facility bonds

School facilities finance is one of the most important educational strands of workshops that will be provided at the upcoming CASH Annual Conference on School Facilities. With project applications for Proposition 51 state funds exceeding available bond authority, CASH is closely following two new school facilities bond bills: AB 75 the Kindergarten-Community Colleges Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2022, and SB 22 the Public Preschool, K–12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2022. AB 75 begins as a K-12 bond bill, and Assembly Member O’Donnell has expressed a desire to avoid using the bill as a vehicle to make major changes to the state School Facility Program. SB 22 begins as a pre-K through university bill, whose K-12 provisions mirror those that were in the final version of AB 48/Proposition 13, which was rejected by the voters in March 2020. Both bills will continue to change as they work their way through the legislative process. If you want the latest on these bills, the CASH annual conference is a must attend.

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