May 13, 2021

CA groups urge schools to make a ‘restorative restart’ this fall

Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

As school systems move from pandemic crisis to recovery mode, many education stakeholders are using the moment to not just bring schooling back to normal, but to create or expand initiatives that better serve students who historically have been underserved.

The School Superintendents Association is advocating for a holistic and multi-year redesign for schools that supports personalized and rigorous learning based on equitable practices. Early childhood education supporters also say this is an ideal time to put in place long-desired practices — such as better compensation and training for early childhood educators — that could expose more young children to high-quality and inclusive programs.

Much of the drive for education reform is tied to the availability of large increases in federal stimulus funding. California, for example, has received $35.7 billion in state and federal pandemic relief since last year, according to the framework report.

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