August 10, 2021

Are all LEAs eligible for kitchen infrastructure funding?

Markus Winkler on Unsplash

All LEAs will receive funding from the $150 million included for kitchen infrastructure in the 2021–22 State Budget package. Assembly Bill (AB) 130 (Chapter 44/2021), the education omnibus budget trailer bill, does not limit the $150 million to LEAs that participate in the NSLP.

More specifically, AB 130 stipulates that of the $150 million, $120 million will be made available for LEAs to expend on kitchen infrastructure upgrades that will increase pupil access to, or improve the quality of, fresh and nutritious school meals. Each LEA (county office of education, school district, or charter school) will receive a base grant of $25,000 with the rest of the funding allocated to LEAs with student populations that have at least 50% eligible for free or reduced-price meals. Click the link below for all allowable uses for these funds as reported by School Services of CA.

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