March 13, 2021

AB 86’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Tackling one of the most contentious issues during the year-long Covid-19 pandemic, California legislators approved a plan recently to encourage school districts to bring back more students for in-person instruction. It provides $2 billion as an incentive for schools that have not already done so to offer in-person instruction beginning April 1, starting with the earliest grades.

The legislation also allocates $4.6 billion for all school districts regardless of whether they meet the timetable Gov. Gavin Newsom called for in his “Safe Schools for All” plan. Your questions about the bill and the funding have been answered by the team at School Services of California. Here are just some of the answers you will find by clicking the link below…

Changes to the color tiers do not change the requirements for receiving the In-Person Instruction Grant, but it will impact how soon an LEA will be required to offer in-person instruction to all elementary students and to all students in at least one secondary grade level. With the positive trajectory of COVID-19 case rates and the increasing number of Californians that are vaccinated, counties are expected to reach the red tier soon if they haven’t already. LEAs should anticipate and plan for being in the red tier by April 1 if they want to ensure they receive the full amount of the In-Person Instruction Grant.

In order to receive the full allocation of the In-Person Instruction Grant, LEAs must offer in-person instruction by April 1 to all the students required by the statute in accordance with the color tier they are in. For example, if an LEA is in the red tier, then in-person instruction must be offered to all the prioritized student groups in all grade spans, all elementary students, and students in at least one secondary grade level. If in-person instruction is not offered to all these students by April 1, then the grant amount will be reduced by 1% per day between April 1 and May 15 until all the required students are able to access in-person instruction.

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