November 18, 2021

A COVID strategy backfires at schools with electronic air cleaning systems

Hundreds of school districts and universities around the country rushed to invest in new electronic air cleaning systems in the last two years to help alleviate COVID concerns. But in many cases, those investments turned out to be doing more harm than good.

In some cases, the efforts to keep kids and teachers safe in schools may not be as effective as claimed. In other cases, the air cleaning systems could be exposing them to the harmful toxins ozone and formaldehyde, experts warn.

For instance, the Sacramento City Unified School District, which paid $6 million to company Johnson Controls for air filtration, announced it halted its use of their purchase. They cited concerns in a letter to the company that it will not accept the deliveries until the company addresses whether the “technology is effective in neutralizing the COVID-19 virus.” The company has not responded to requests for comment.

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