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Missing: Millions of students

Powell High School Principal Chad Smith has knocked on at least 20 doors since the school year began, searching for kids missing virtual classes at his school. Nearly 30 percent of his students chose virtual learning this fall, and that includes the school’s most at-risk teens. Figuring out what’s getting in the way of their…

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4 ways leaders are keeping teachers motivated through pandemic disruption

From the pressure put on first responders to the demands placed on essential workers, COVID-19 upended professional norms across all industries — especially education. Last spring, teachers had to retrofit in-person curricula for a virtual environment and adopt new approaches for teaching students from afar. Then came fall, with the question of whether buildings would…

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Superintendents ask Governor to impose a ‘common standard’ for reopening schools and set strict standards on all aspects of reopening

Seven urban California school districts, including the state’s four largest, have called on Gov. Gavin Newsom to adopt and pay for more stringent, uniform health and safety requirements they say should be in place before bringing students back to school during the pandemic. None of the districts plans to bring students back to regular classes…

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