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Schools brace for surge of kindergarten students; highest numbers in years

School districts across the United States are hiring additional teachers in anticipation of what will be one of the largest kindergarten classes ever as enrollment rebounds following the coronavirus pandemic. Educators are also bracing for many students to be less prepared than usual due to lower preschool attendance rates. Kindergarten is not required in most…

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CA’s biggest teacher union votes to defend Gov. Newsom against recall

California’s largest teachers union voted Saturday to throw its weight behind Gov. Gavin Newsom, pledging to defend the Democratic governor in an upcoming recall election. “California educators stand in strong opposition to the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom,” union president E. Toby Boyd wrote in a statement. “From our classroom vantage point during the pandemic,…

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No vaccines for young children, but schools can reopen safely in the fall, a study shows

The masks, the social distancing, the stick-up-the-nose testing: Those unpleasant coronavirus-controlling measures are far from over for K-12 kids returning to in-school learning after summer vacation ends. It’s unlikely that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available for children under 12 before classes resume in the fall. But a new study published by the Annals of…

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