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FCMAT’s Fiscal Health Risk Analysis and Key Indicators for Facilities

Did you know that school facilities are so critical that FCMAT includes facilities in its recommended fiscal health analysis factors? FCMAT’s Fiscal Health Risk Analysis–  EH&A is asked to assist Districts with their facility challenges.  Having worked as staff for school districts, we understand how difficult it can be for districts to allocate funding for maintenance…

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Opinion: State Must Fulfill Voter Mandate to Fund School Construction

By Joan Buchanan and Lisa Gonzales Published on October 16, 2017 for the Bay Area News Group Research shows that school facilities have a significant, positive impact on school culture, academic performance, student attendance, and teacher retention and job satisfaction. Students need facilities that, for example, have working air-conditioning, upgraded security and electrical systems, and modern…

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Release the Funds! EH&A Takes a Stand Against the Foot-Dragging of Prop 51 Funds

In a world of growing complexity, the job of a school district administrator has now been made more difficult. Staggering new requirements highlight a higher bar for obtaining a district’s share of state facility funds. These new requirements include audit guidelines, an upfront grant agreement, and short periods of applying for the funds followed by…

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