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Employers Complain Nation Doesn’t Have Enough Skilled Workers to Fill the Jobs of an Increasingly Technical Workforce

Could apprenticeships be part of the answer to the infamous U.S. skills gap? They would certainly be a useful alternative to college for some Americans graduating heavily in debt and into an economy for which they are unprepared. On June 15, President Trump, who sees hands-on career training as a solution, signed an executive order…

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Introducing Our 2017 Eric Hall Scholarship Winner William Maas!

Faced with recent devastating life altering family issues and financial hardship, high school student from Sage Creek High School, William Maas, keeps his eye on his goal-attending the University of California Santa Barbara and earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering. William has a love of solving problems and credits engineering as what keeps him on…

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DOF Stalling Sale of School Bonds– Vidak Asks Governor to Get Off the Dime

Hanford Senator Andy Vidak recently sent a letter to Governor Jerry Brown requesting that he order the staff at the Department of Finance to start selling school bonds approved by the voters through Proposition 51 last November. Click here for the full letter…  

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